Brantford, Ontario Entertainment and Attractions

If you’ve ever heard that Brantford, Ontario doesn’t have much to offer, you are definitely in for a surprise. You’ll find a multitude of activities and events in this town-something for everyone. Among many other things, Brantford is most known for the Brantford OLG Casino.

The Brantford OLG Casino was originally called the Brantford Charity Casino until they removed “charity” from the name and simply called it OLG Brantford Casino. Some of the profits do still go to charities; however, as they go to the Trillium Foundation, which gives the money to qualified charities. The City of Brantford, which is the facility’s host, also gets a portion of the proceeds from the slot machines.

The Brantford OLG Casino opened in 1999 and has been very popular with residents as well as tourists. Open 24 hours, the casino offers 30,000 square feet of gambling space. Featured in this space are 69 table and poker games as well as over 510 gaming machines. A variety of games such as Texas Hold “Em, Caribbean poker, horse racing, blackjack and roulette are available for those feeling lucky. If gambling builds up an appetite, the restaurant Galileo’s Buffet and Grill offers some delicious American cuisine. Other attractive features you’ll find at the Brantford OLG Casino include complimentary drinks, free parking, coat check, gift shop, ATM, currency exchange and handicap access.

For those wanting a break from the bright lights of the casino, nearby you’ll find an upscale theater called the Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts. This beautiful piece of culture offers nightly performances of operas, musicals, concerts and numerous performing arts for visitors and locals. They offer group events as well as matinees. The Sanderson Centre also presents a series of children’s events. For those wishing to stay overnight near the centre, Brantford offers many excellent lodging establishments as well as fine restaurants. If you’re planning a trip to the area, Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts can provide you with a schedule of their upcoming events so you can add them to your itinerary.

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Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is an excellent way to make extra money. In fact, some people make a full time living doing it.

There are many mystery shopping companies that will pay you to shop, eat at restaurants and take part in focus groups.

A mystery shop consists of getting paid to go into a business without the employee’s knowledge and reporting back to the mystery shopping company.

A focus group is when you get paid to sit down with other people who are also getting paid and discuss new products or services.

Mystery shopping jobs and focus groups are easier to find if you live in or near a large metropolitan area.

After you do a mystery shop you answer some questions and file your report with the mystery shopping company. These reports are usually set up as a series of questions and often can be completed quickly.

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Enjoy Festive Shopping and Entertainment at Bath Christmas Market

There are many reasons to visit the historic city of Bath – and its bustling Christmas market has to be one of the most popular ones.

Bath Christmas Market offers a great opportunity to pick up some unique, handmade gifts for loved ones while also enjoying a host of edible treats and entertainment.

This year, the market takes place between November 25th and December 12th in the city centre, with 123 stalls set to be put up in the area between Bath Abbey and the Roman Baths.

Each of these stalls – which look like little wooden chalets – will sell a wide range of gifts and decorations, all of which are one-offs sure to make for the perfect Christmas present for a friend or relative.

Once you’ve shopped till you drop, you can have a rest and sample some of the delicious food and drink on offer at the market, whether you fancy a gourmet burger, organic broth, some fresh pancakes or a glass of warming mulled cider.

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Retail Shopping As Entertainment

Shopping is usually thought of in terms of work – procuring goods, meeting needs, etc. Shopping is seen first as a function and secondarily as something that serves emotional and social needs. Even as we talk about retail therapy, we revert in marketing to discussions about seemingly rational behavior. But it isn’t so simple anymore. As incomes have grown, access has exploded and free time has increased, shopping has become entertainment as much as anything else. Even in an unstable economy, the decision to buy is driven as much by value as it is by need (perceived and real). In fact, entertainment and a memorable in-store experience probably have more to do with a sale than the product or the ease with which people find it. Choice equates with enjoyment, turning shopping from labor to entertainment. The retail environment is an expansive, immersive media platform.

This is not to say that entertainment is the only way to look at shopping, but it increasingly an element that shouldn’t be overlooked. Shopping becomes entertainment depending upon the function, need, and desire for the object being shopped. For example, shopping for bras can sometimes be a pain in the butt if it is “needed” for a “utilitarian function” (a “work bra”), but it can become entertainment if the bra is “desired” for other cultural functions. People can also use shopping at second hand stores as a form of entertainment if there is a piece of clothing that is “desired” (a cheap pair of designer jeans), yet if one “needs” to shop for work attire at second hand shops because of a limited budget, it can cease to be entertainment and fall into the world of “errand.”

What this means for shopper marketing is that the best retail experiences, those with the highest degrees of loyalty and sales, are those that project a story and invite the shopper into the narrative. According to the Richard Ellis Group, 92% of retailers plan to increase store openings in 2010. More stores means more opportunity win customers. Or to lose them. In such a highly competitive, highly demanding landscape, there is little margin for error and a short time to market. Increasing sales revolves around more than getting people in the store, it involves getting them to think of the store as a destination and thinking of it as a “Place” rather than a “Space.” Place comes into existence when humans give meaning to a part of the larger, undifferentiated space. One of the most affective ways to do this is to incorporate people into an entertainment experience and directly involve them in the story. So, how do you go about doing this? It starts with some simple but powerful tools.

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Parenting Dilemmas – A Few Quick Fixes To Make Shopping Fun

Shopping for some is just a ritual whereas others look at it as an indulging and exciting experience and still, a few others tag it as a taxing and tiring activity. The experience and expressions vary across age groups, genders and even geographies. Men more often than not plan to go shopping, if and only if there is an urgent need or at times, if it has to do with a special occasion or pleasing their spouse and winning over their girlfriends. Women on the other hand indulge in shopping more often and acclaim it as a stress buster, a fun activity and the best way, to kill any spare time at hand.

For most part, it tends to be exciting, except for when you go extravagant or end up getting stuck at a tatty and cramped store. Also, when you do not get to park your car close to the store, you have to get at. Reasons could also vary from not so supportive & welcoming store staff, lack of time, and store running sort of the stuff you are looking for and at times, even your poor memory. Nevertheless, shopping as an activity is unanimously supposed to give shoppers the much needed high, when feeling low and a surpassed sense of excitement when a kick is enough to let you switch your mood gears.

The modern lifestyle, lack of infrastructure, the social set up and demanding jobs have changed the way people shop. Over the last few years, shopping has evolved as an important chore that needs to be well planned and better managed. A few quick fixes could address the nuisance at hand and deliver one of the best shopping experiences to rejoice, with minimal efforts.

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